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About Desi Atta Company

A connecting thread that binds our country together is our love for Atta. From Chapati to Poori, from Parantha to Thepla, our love of Atta crosses the barriers of language and religion, bringing us together in a wonderful way. We understand this love. We celebrate it. With around 50 variants of flour and ready mixes from almost all the regions of the country, we have made it possible for you to taste the real flavors of India.

Desi Atta Company believes that food is the building block of our health. We have pledged ourselves in obtaining the select grains from the choicest farms of India and bring you the Atta that is rich in nutrients and minerals. With innovative processing techniques, we have also created a wide variety of Gluten-free flour.

Our Mantra at Desi Atta Company is constant evolution! This philosophy has motivated us in developing fresh unique Atta and Mixes, the likes of which the world has never seen before. By combining the wisdom of our traditional food with the expert knowledge, Desi Atta Company has created the answer to all your health worries.

India is a land of traditions and countless festive seasons beautifully mark the calendar. These festivals and seasons bring with them their own flavors and recipes. From Ganesh Chaturthi’s Modak to the Navratri’s Kuttu and Samak Atta Pooris, Desi Atta Company brings you a wide range of seasonal flours and ready mixes.

We at Desi Atta Company are creating a community of people who love to cook great traditional as well as experimental dishes with the flour. It’s our humble vision to absorb the great values and wisdom from our shared past and create something entirely new—entirely fresh for the future!

Desi Atta Company brings to table a promise, that each time you open one of our sealed packs, you’ll find nothing but the goodness of Indian values, and incredible taste.