When you avoid pizzas and burgers and have a proper diet, do you think you are health conscious? So, what does your healthy diet consist of? Your ideal meals, taken thrice a day, must contain Upma or Paratha for breakfast, brown bread sandwich for lunch, and Roti and Sabji for dinner. But, sadly, this is adding to the gluten content in your body and is harming you in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein which is relatively difficult for your body to break down. It is mostly present in wheat and its products. While you consume wheat, it gets absorbed in the villi of your intestine and reduces the intestine activity of absorbing nutrients. Thus, it is instrumental in increasing the sugar level of blood. It might also lead to thyroid disorders and infertility.

Side Effects of Gluten:

  • Estrogen Dominance: Gluten intolerance is more in women than in men. It causes intestinal inflammation which results in increased cortisol production. It thus leads to an insufficient estrogen production and its after effects.
  • Weight Gain: Abnormal hormonal secretion leads to stubborn weight gain.
  • Premature Menopause: Gluten reduces the body’s capability to produce hormones. This causes hormonal imbalance that worsens the pre and perimenopausal symptoms. Also, it is seen that women with less gluten in the system are ten times more fertile than women who have more gluten content in the body.
  • Joint and muscle ache: Recently, doctors and paramedics have found that osteoporosis is a complication which is caused by untreated gluten. Untreated gluten reduces the absorption of calcium and magnesium.
  • Skin Problems: Gluten triggers inflammatory reactions under the top layer of the skin which results in rashes and burning. Itching, redness, and painful blisters are also a part of the skin problems that are caused by consumption of Gluten.  

So, what alternatives do we chose?

Well, if you are worried about which atta you should choose; you should simply visit the website of Desi Atta Company and choose from the various collection of atta or flour they have. Importantly, Rice Atta, Jowar Atta and Ragi Atta are your best alternatives for Wheat Atta.


  • Rice Atta: There are a lot of advantages of Rice Atta that are worth mentioning. You can buy Rice Atta from Desi Atta Company.
  • Gluten Free: As mentioned earlier, this is a healthier flour as the gluten content is negligible or absent.
  • High Protein: The protein is soluble in nature. So, usually no complications are found for consuming the product. Also, it is filling as a meal.
  • Rich in Healthy Fiber: As fiber is an essential nutrient for digestion, Rice Flour gets easily digested.  

  • Jowar Atta: This is another healthy alternative to Wheat Flour. There are several reasons why Jowar Atta is in demand. You can buy Jowar Atta from Desi Atta Company.
  • It improves digestion and fights constipation.
  • It is instrumental in losing weight.
  • It boosts the immunity system of the body
  • It controls the cholesterol level.
  • It prevents cardiovascular system mechanism.

  • Ragi Atta: The third alternative to consuming Wheat Atta. You can also get the product from Desi Atta Company.
  • It is perfect for babies
  • Easily digestible
  • Controls diabetes
  • Controls body weight


There are several things that you can make using these attas. You just have to know the right recipes. You can cook chappatis or rotis, parathas, and can even bake with these attas. Listed below are few links where you can get the best recipes for the preparation of food with these attas.

  • Rice Atta Dosa
  • Ragi Atta Uttapam
  • Jowar Pancakes