Are you obsessed with preparing your kid’s tiffin box every day? A balanced meal is necessary for a child’s mental as well as physical growth. As a parent, you always plan to give your child a healthy and nutritious meal, every day for his or her school. But your child may not enjoy the same meal every day.
We are familiar that kids are attracted to colours. Kids love food that has an eye-catching colour. But, at the same time, Desi Atta Company feels, it is more important to have edible colours that cause no harm and is good for your child's health.

We came up with the concept of producing coloured flours rich in nutrients for kids so that they have something new in their tiffin boxes every day.

Let us take you around some of our products which can be used as a colourful tiffin option:

  • Beetroot Atta (Pink in Colour)

Made from Beetroot, it has been associated with numerous health benefits like improved blood flow, lower blood pressure, increased stamina etc. It's a great source of fibre, folate, manganese, potassium and iron. Blended with wheat flour, it proves to be the best ingredient for your child’s meal.

  • Spinach Atta (Green in Colour)

Made from Spinach, it is blended with nutrients and antioxidants. Some of the health benefits include improved eye health, reduced oxidative stress, reduced blood pressure levels, and improved digestion. You can use this nutritious flour as a healthy tiffin box idea.

  •  Ragi Atta: (Brown in Colour)

Made from Finger Millets, it is high on nutritional value and is easy to digest. Composed of carbohydrates, proteins, fat and fibre. Ragi Atta consumption can enhance your child’s mental as well as physical growth.

  • Punjabi Missi Atta: (Yellow in Colour)

Made from Chickpeas, it is a high source of carbohydrates,
proteins, and fat which is very good for your child’s nutritional needs. It helps your Kids to maintain their health.

  • Rice Atta: (White in Colour)

A great source of carbohydrates and proteins, Rice Atta enhances your child’s physical growth and brain functioning.

Desi Atta Company gives a variety of flours to every parent in order to meet your kid’s health and nutrition.