In a land as diverse as India, indulging in different cuisines and dishes is a part of our food tradition. With a great variety comes various food trends. So, let’s take a sneak peek into the latest food trends of 2019.

Back to the Basics

According to the latest eating habits, people these days are more inclined towards traditional, authentic, and home-cooked meals. That is when they decide to not eat outside food and try to cook healthy meals at home. Back to basics is about increasing the amount of vegetable intake in the diet. This includes ‘clean-eating’ where one increases the consumption of vegetable-based foods.

With increasing awareness, people have become more concerned about their health and lifestyle. But due to lack of time to cook in the day, they look for easy-to-cook solutions.

Root to Stem Cooking

Generally, people tend to chop off the top parts of vegetables like beetroot, carrot, and radish or remove the stalks from broccoli. But with the increasing awareness, people have become more cautious about not wasting food and making the most out of it. According to the latest food trends, people have taken up root to stem cooking which causes minimum wastage. The stems, stalks, leaves, and skins of vegetables contain a lot of fibre and add unique flavours and textures to the meals.

Healthier Alternatives

The new food obsession among people is that of beans and legumes. They are rich in protein, B-vitamins, fibre, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, iron and potassium. Legumes contain nutrients similar to meat, which is why vegetarians often substitute legumes for meat. The best part about legumes is that they satisfy your appetite without adding a lot of calories. Increased intake of legumes in the diet helps in lowering blood sugar level, heart rate, blood pressure, and other heart-related diseases. It doesn’t end here. They also contain certain antioxidants which help in preventing cell decay, fighting diseases and aging. No wonder people are obsessing over them!

The Love for Home Cooking

One of the latest trends in 2019 includes shifting from ordering food online to cooking at home. Desi Atta Company believes in giving you the art of cooking by offering various recipes which can be made using our flours. The ready mixes let you cook delicious meals in less time, satisfying your food cravings.

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