Flour (Atta) is an ever-present staple in each and every Indian household. Be it roti, bhakari, parantha, chapati or thepla, flour has multiple uses and is consumed across the Indian geographies in many forms. Desi Atta Company, a brand from the house of Future Consumer Limited, has come forward with more than 55 different types of flours, from various communities and regions of the country, aggregated in one brand.


Desi Atta Company, set up in 2015, was conceptualized by identifying an untapped business prospect, which was: specialised flours being at the Centre of the Plate. It is positioned as the front-runner in atta/ flour and atta/ flour based cuisines. When we started, wheat flour industry in India was more than 25,000 crores out of which 3500 crores was penetrated by organized business. Consistency in quality and availability helped the Consumers graduating to understanding the importance of packaged atta. Although multiple companies entered the packaged wheat flour business, other grains like maize, finger millet, chestnut, rice, buckwheat, sorghum, etc.; were largely left untouched/ ignored. These grains are predominantly specific to geographical regions, local seasons, and cultural occasions. Over the next three years, Desi Atta Company was able to spread awareness and make these flours popular—making them more accessible and available to the consumers.

 At Desi Atta Company, we believe that the finest quality of flour can only be made by procuring only the best quality of grains. Procuring at the source like :Ragi from North Karnataka, Maize from Punjab, Bajra from Rajasthan, and Chana Dal from Madhya Pradesh, Desi Atta Company is able to maintain the highest level of freshness and availability. With its in-house certified manufacturing facilities at Tumkur(Bangalore), and Mumbai, Desi Atta Company goes an extra mile to ensure quality. These products are then made accessible at more than 1000 stores across India, from where they reach millions of homes and kitchens.

 In 2015, Desi Atta Company began its journey with 14 products on its roster, and have now grown to have over 55 products in its portfolio. Each product goes through extensive research and development by a dedicated team, before it is launched in the market. Our combined procurement, packaging, manufacturing, and new product development efforts have resulted in sales upwards of 40,00,000 packets in the current year compared to 80,000 packets when we first launched. In addition to selling to our final consumers in brick and mortar stores, Desi Atta Company has also launched its online channel from where we are able to reach not only our consumers’ kitchens but other business houses as well.


The brand started with lentil flours and millet flours, and is now venturing into nut flours, cereal flours, ready-to-cook mixes, and never before seen flours such as Beetroot Wheat Atta, and Spinach Wheat Atta. Using such innovative flours, a beetroot roti can now be made by just using the product, without the hassle of buying vegetable, cleaning, chopping and mixing it.

Quickly becoming a household name, Desi Atta Company enjoys high repeat purchase and has a strong loyal customer base. They are using the products to cook not only the traditional recipes but also new-age recipes that are becoming popular because of the social channels of the brand. Bajra Atta Pizza, Multigrain Bhatura, Ragi Brownies are some of the most viewed recipes on our pages and platforms.

Just like its diverse range of products, Desi Atta Company is built on the shoulders of many and not one! Desi Atta Company takes pride in its teams and talented team players, who work relentlessly and passionately to bring innovation to our consumers’ food and transforming the way India cooks!

- Shridhar Taparia, Brand Entrepreneur Desi Atta Company.