Thanks to technology that keeps us glued to our chairs in front of a computer that a lot of health hazards and obesity have become a part of our daily life. While many are hitting the gym and getting the desired results, there are others who are struggling to lose weight and lead a healthy life. In an attempt to stay healthy and fit while losing the extra kilos at the same time people are
switching to healthier options of food over their regular food preferences in order to stay healthy while they are shedding those extra fat.

Flour is an inseparable part of our diet. It’s known for its diversity and its fibre content. The mostly popular of all flours is the wheat flour. However, there are several other variants too. There are various types of flours that are available based on their sources. Most of the commonly used whole grain flour comes from wheat variants though. There are millet variants of flours as well such a Jowar and Bajra. Jowar is a one the best atta for health, as it is rich in phosphorus, calcium, iron, protein and fibre. It is helps in controlling blood sugar levels and is a great food for bone health. Its gluten-free properties make it one of the healthiest flour. On the other hand, bajra is rich in phosphorus and magnesium and helps in reducing cholesterol. It also helps in faster weight loss.

Rice flour is a fine atta that contains insoluble fibres that build up the digestive system, making your metabolism better. Maize flour is a healthy flour rich in fibre, vitamin A, zinc, carotenoids and iron. It’s naturally gluten-free and is a package of antioxidants and easy to digest carbohydrates. Samak or barnyard millet is a form of wild rice mostly consumed during fasting in India. It is a good source of minerals and vitamins. It is generally used in India during rituals and is consumed while people are fasting. It has a low glycaemic index and is digests at a slower rate saving you from the entire binge eating guilt.

Sattu is gluten-free flour made of roasted gram is one of the most easily available food rich in vegetarian proteins. It helps a great deal in controlling the sugar and blood pressure levels, making it one of the best atta for health. It is a natural coolant and is good for a healthy diet, especially for someone who is trying to shed those extra pounds off their lives. Flour is an essential ingredient of our daily lives and is used widely in a number of recipes.

With a wide variety of it available in the market and all with its unique benefits, each flour helps you stay healthy in its own manner. Get your supply of healthy flour here.