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Kuttu Ke Kebabs

Fasting Friendly

  55 Mins

Kuttu Ke Kebabs made from Desi Atta Company Kuttu Atta.

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  • 50gms kuttu atta
  • 3/4th cup raw banana
  • 1 tsp coriander seed powder
  • Rock salt as per taste
  • 10gms fresh coriander leaves
  • 10ml lemon juice
  • 2 green chilies
  • Ghee- for frying
  • Steam 3/4 cup of raw banana for 10-12 minutes till bananas are semi cooked.
  • When cool, mash the bananas add 50 gm of Kuttu atta, 1 Tsp coriander seed powder, 2 Tsp fresh coriander leaves, 2 Tsp lemon juice, 2 finely chopped green chili and rock salt as per taste, mix well to form a dough like consistency.
  • Shape them into small cylindrical rods.
  • Heat a thin layer of ghee and fry the kebabs over medium heat, till brown on both sides.