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Upvas Pizza

Vrat Special

  30 Mins

Upvas Pizza made from Desi Atta Company Singhara Atta and Samak Atta.

  • 170gms Singhara atta
  • 80gms Samak atta
  • 300gms boiled potatoes
  • 170 gms bottle guard
  • 45gms coconut
  • 45gms groundnut powder
  • 15gms coriander
  • Lemon juice - as per taste
  • 15gms ghee
  • 6 green chilies
  • 1/2 tsp cumin
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp clove
  • Rock Salt - As per taste
  • Boil and mash ¾ cup (300gm) potatoes.
  • Prepare thick dough of ½ cup (170gm) Singhada atta, ¼ cup (80gm) Samak atta & half of mashed potatoes.
  • Make thick chapatti like a pizza base, by applying ghee on your palms. Take some portion from the dough, flatten it and make a round pizza. Use atta if required to flatten the base.
  • Prepare chutney by mixing 3Tbsp (45gm) coconut, 1 Tbsp (15gm) coriander, 3Tbsp (45gm) groundnut powder, 3 green chilies, rock salt and lemon juice as per taste.
  • Finely chop ½ cup (170gm) bottle gourd.
  • Heat 1Tbsp (15gm) ghee in a pan, add jeera, clove, and cinnamon, ½ tsp (2.5gm) each.
  • Add remaining 3 green chopped chili, bottle gourd and remaining half of mashed potatoes, add rock salt. Cook till done.
  • Heat pan, put some ghee and roast pizza base till crisp and light brown.
  • Remove from pan, spread green chutney, bottle gourd- potato sabzi and roast for a few minutes more.
  • Garnish with grated coconut, coriander and serve hot.