If you are in India, You may have come across hand-pulled carts selling “Sattu Sherbet”. Sattu Atta or Roasted Gram flour is of high nutritional value and is commonly found in Indian villages. Sattu sherbet or Sattu drink is used in India as a Cold drink. Sattu flour provides your body resistance against summer heat, which lowers down your body temperature to normal levels. The best cold drink to beat the scorching heat in summers, Sattu Atta is a natural cooling solution for all, which is full of nutrients.

Popularly known as “Chana Ka Atta” across India, Sattu Atta has various health benefits.

Higher Nutritional Value:

Sattu Atta, or commonly Sattu is made by the dry roasting process. A rich source of proteins, fibre, iron, manganese, calcium etc. Every 100 grams of Sattu flour contains 20% protein, 7% fat, 1% Fiber, 65% carbohydrates, 2% Ash, 3% moisture which in total comes for 406 calories.

Improves Digestion:

Also known as Chana Sattu, Sattu Atta contains a huge amount of fibre which proves beneficial for your intestines. It helps with cleansing your colon, detoxifies greasy food, and saves you from constipation, flatulence, acidity and indigestion.

Beauty Ingredient:

Consumption of Chana Atta, which also means roasted gram flour makes your skin glow and keeps your skin hydrated. Traditionally used treatment to your hair problems, Sattu Atta enriches your hair with nutrients. Iron present in Sattu keeps you energized and makes your skin glow.

Keeps a check on lifestyle diseases:

A low glycaemic food, Sattu Atta is a good option for diabetes. Keeps your blood pressure in control. The fibre in a roasted gram flour is a good solution for the ones suffering from high cholesterol.

A lot of recipes prepared from sattu atta are popular in India. Sattu is used in regional cuisine to varying degrees. In Lahore, Multan Punjab, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab and New Delhi use of Sattu is extensive and is used in several dishes. In Bihar, it is commonly served cold as a savoury drink or as a porridge or soft dough. Sweet dishes combine sattu with fruit slices, sugar and milk. In savoury dishes, sattu may be flavoured with green chilli, lemon juice and salt. It is a popular stuffing in parathas. With amazing benefits, Sattu Atta is a complete benefactor to your health. Desi Atta Company provides you with the best in class and quality roasted gram flour across India.