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Peri Peri Idli Mix (Pack of 10)

Peri Peri Idli Mix is a unique, fresh twist to the traditional South Indian dish. It is an amazing combination of exotic flavors from two different parts of the world, Portuguese and Southern Indian states. Idli is a traditional South Indian breakfast, preferred for its light and healthy nature. With Desi Atta Company's Peri Peri Idli Mix, get soft and fluffy Idlis ready in just a few minutes. Just add curd and water, and it's ready to be cooked. Enjoy this fresh new recipe with sambhar, chutney, and curry. This pack makes 34 mini Idlis and can be enjoyed as a breakfast or evening time snack.

margin 33%
case lot 1 packet = 10units
MRP per product 45

In stock
In stock
shelf life 12 months
Dynamic Weight No
Brand No
weight 200gms

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