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The green leafy vegetable of Spinach is extremely rich in numerous nutrients and especially Iron. Experts say that one should find a way to incorporate Spinach in your daily diet. Desi Atta Company makes it possible with a first of its kind Spinach Wheat Atta. Infused with the freshly ground Spinach, this wheat flour is the answer to many dietary problems. Make Desi Atta Company’s Spinach Wheat Flour a regular part of your daily diet and live your life a healthy way!

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In stock

Nutrition Fact

Amount Per (100g)

Energy (Kcal)


Carbohydrate (g)


Sugar (g)


Protein (g)


Fat (g)


Dietary Fibre (g)


shelf life 9 months
Dynamic Weight N/A
Specialty Vegetable Infused Flours, High Fibre
Brand N/A
weight 500gms

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